RDI 1502 & 1002 Swivel Joints

RDI’s Swivel Joints are designed and manufactured using high tensile alloy steel that is suited to handle some of the world’s most abrasive environments such as fracturing, cementing, acidizing and other high pressure applications. The RDI Swivel Joint handles today’s harsh fracturing fluids, extreme temperature and high flow rates which is common in the current shale plays. Additional erosion material under critical ball race areas increases the life of the swivel joint.

Features & Technical Details

  • Union connections: 2”, 3” Fig. 1502 and 4” Fig. 1002, standard service 15,000 psi NSCWP†*.
  • Interchangeable with other domestic manufacturers.
  • Uniformed wall thickness throughout the swivel bend increases service life.
  • Large stock of re-build kits and replacement parts available
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Technical Data

1502 Swivel Joint | 1002 Swivel Joint

Figure 1502



Swivel Joint | Figure 1502 Connection

1502 Swivel Joint | 1002 Swivel Joint

Figure 1002

Swivel Joint | Figure 1502 Connection

* Consult with RDI’s sales team for complete configurations.
† NSCWP: Non-shock cold working pressure.

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