RDI Manifolds for Flowback, Production & Pressure Pumping

A manifold system consists of a set of high-pressure valves and associated piping that usually includes at least two adjustable or positive chokes, arranged such that one choke may be isolated and taken out of service for repair and refurbishment while well flow is directed through the other one. A manifold allows the operator or technician the ability to control the flow rates of fluids or gases that come off the wellhead. From the manifold the fluids or gases are then directed through the flow iron and on to various pieces of oilfield equipment.

Flowback Manifold for Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota & Canadian Oilfields
RDI is an industry leading supplier of choke and multi-well manifolds in Colorado and Texas, as well as our other branches located in North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Western Canada. RDI can supply any type of manifold configuration required for the flow control sector of the oil and gas industry, including choke and kill, frac, cement, multi-well and customer specific engineered designs. They are available in pressures up to 15,000 psi NSCWP†. RDI also has proven engineered designs and fabrication facilities to offer a complete line of containment skid options for all environments, both onshore and offshore.

Features & Technical Details
Available in Standard Service and Sour (H2S) Service*
Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuated and Gear Operated available*

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* Consult with RDI’s sales team for complete configurations.

† NSCWP: Non-shock cold working pressure.

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