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Also known in the oil and gas industry as “junk catchers”, “trash catchers”, or “ball catchers”, debris catcher manifolds are the first pieces of equipment to be installed near the wellhead. They are used to collect and isolate unwanted debris as it flows up the well and out the wellhead. A debris catcher allows the operator to easily capture debris such as drill-out particles and frac balls for disposal, preventing it from affecting machinery, instrumentation and other wellhead components. Using a debris catcher allows operations to continue without the need for shutting down the well so that debris can be cleaned out.

Reliable Junk Catchers in Texas, Colorado & Alberta

Junk catchers have become increasing popular in the oil and gas industry as fracking has become more widespread. After the debris catcher has been installed the flow from the well enters the first barrel of the system, which is connected to a second barrel via small connections that allow fluids and gasses to pass through while blocking any large solids that may be present. Once the first barrel has become clogged with solids a pressure differential is created between the two barrels. The operator can then purge the contents of the first barrel and dispose of them.

RDI’s Debris Catcher manifolds are designed to filter and capture debris from the well during completions prior to entering the downstream equipment. RDI’s Debris Catcher manifolds are available in pressures up to 15,000 psi NSCWP†.

  • Vertical and Horizontal models and configurations available in standard and sour (H2S) service*.
  • Engineered blow-down style and multiple barrels allow for continuous screening without shutting in the well for cleaning.
  • Screens available for multiple applications. Engineered for easy removal and installation.
  • Engineered containment and non-containment skids are available*.
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* Consult with RDI’s sales team for complete configurations.

† NSCWP: Non-shock cold working pressure.

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