Adjustable & Positive Choke Valves

Used extensively in choke and kill manifolds, test manifolds and flow through manifolds, the choke valves manufactured by RDI have a proven needle and seat design, providing flow restriction in high pressure applications.

RDI also offers universal fit versions of our adjustable and positive choke valves in a 2” Fig. 1502 configuration. We take pride in offering products that are interchangeable with many manufacturers within the industry.

Features & Technical Details

  • Available in Standard Service and Sour (H2S) Service*
  • Pressures up to 15,000 psi NSCWP†
  • 2” Fig. 602 Chokes Have Parts Completely Interchangeable with the Standard N60/FC-140 Beans, Seats and Stems
  • 2” Fig. 1502 Chokes are Offered with the Seat and Beans Interchangeable with the N60
  • 3” Fig. 602 and 3” Fig. 1502 Chokes are Offered as Completely Interchangeable with H2 Type Seats, Beans and Stems
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Technical Data

1502 Choke Valves 602 Choke Valves

Figure 1502






Choke Valve | Figure 1502 Connection

1502 Choke Valves | 602 Choke Valves

Figure 602

Choke Valve | Figure 602 Connection
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