Check Valves for Back Flow Isolation

Swing Check Valve

The inline swing check valve designed and manufactured by RDI provide isolation from back flow in high-pressure treating, fracturing and well servicing applications. Using the proven flapper and seat design, our swing check valves assure a tight seal under all operating conditions. Both the flapper and seat are titanium nitrided to ensure a long service life and are resistant against a wide range of abrasive fluids. Our swing check valves are available in pressures up to 15,000 psi NSCWP †.

Features & Technical Details

  • Available in Standard Service or Sour (H2S) Service*
  • Union Connections: 2” Fig. 602 and 2” Fig. 1502

Dart Check Valve

RDI’s spring-loaded dart check value is used in extreme nitrogen and carbon dioxide service. The dart checks independent pressure actuated response system is initiated following a pressure loss, requiring no personnel to be present in order to commence protection.

Dark Check Valve Features & Technical Details

  • Available in Standard Service and Sour (H2S) Service*
  • Union Connections: 2” Fig. 1502
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Technical Data

1502 Check Valves 602 Check Valves

Figure 1502



Check Valve | Figure 1502 Connection

1502 Check Valves | 602 Check Valves

Figure 602

Check Valve | Figure 602 Connection

* Consult with RDI’s sales team for complete configurations.

† NSCWP: Non-shock cold working pressure.

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